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5 Tips to Enhance Your CV

5 Tips to Enhance Your CV

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the most important document you should have in hand when applying for a job or any other opportunity. It highlights who you are,  your qualifications and your relevant work experiences to a potential employer. Therefore it is essential that your CV should be up to par.

  • Maximum 1-2 Pages

There is no mandatory page length but a CV that falls with 1-2 pages long is acceptable for most recruiters. Only include necessary details and always personalise the CV to the opportunity you are applying for. Leave out personal photos, date of birth and submit in a PDF format.

  • Chronological Order

Make sure your education, work experience and any qualifications you have gained follow a chronological timeline with your most recent achievement displayed at the top.

  • Consistent Format

Always follow a consistent format, and make sure the font and font size is consistent throughout the CV.

  • Always Check for Spelling and Grammar Errors!

We are all capable of making mistakes every once in a while so always proof-read your CV before submitting. You can also get family or friends to check your CV.

  • Take Extra Courses

If you want your CV to stand out to a potential employer, take extra courses on platforms like FutureLearn and edX to show you have genuine interest in the role you are applying for. 

Hope these tips will help you with enhancing your CV and happy job hunting!

~ Roshane

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