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Are You An Employer Looking For New Employees? 

At Apharo Recruitment, we guarantee a service-oriented experience that is consistently reliable.
Our hiring solutions below are tailored to your specific needs, designed to support you at every stage of the hiring journey. 


Starter Package

Who is it for: 

Ideal for small businesses or start-ups looking to fill one or two positions. 


  • Job posting on Apharo's website and social media.

  • Basic candidate screening and shortlisting.

  • Standard support during the hiring process.

Fee Structure:

Flat fee per successful hire or a percentage of the candidate's first-year salary. 

Standard Package

Who is it for: 

Suitable for medium-sized businesses seeking to expand their team. 


  • Enhanced job posting with targeted advertising.

  • Comprehensive candidate screening and assessment.

  • Personalized support from a dedicated manager.

Fee Structure:

Combination of a flat fee per hire and a percentage of the candidate's first-year salary.

Premium Package

Who is it for: 

Designed for larger enterprises with ongoing hiring needs and specific talent requirements. 


  • Customized recruitment strategy.

  • Extensive candidate sourcing, including passive talent outreach.

  • Priority support with regular progress updates.

Fee Structure:

Monthly retainer fee with additional bonuses or incentives for successful hires.

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